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Syllabus for MSc(CS) at Department of Computer Science, SP Pune University

Section I : Logical Reasoning and Mathematics

1.                 Set theory: Set operations, relations, functions.

2.                 Propositional logic: Formulation, deduction, evaluation, puzzles.

3.                 Linear Algebra: Solution of a system of linear equations. Determinant and inverse of a matrix, basic properties of matrices.

4.                 Co-ordinate Geometry and Conic Sections: Equations of lines and planes, vector products; definitions and properties of conic sections.

5.                 Trigonometry: Identities, computation of heights and lengths.

6.                 Differential Calculus: Total and partial differentiation, limit of a function.

7.                 Integral Calculus: Definite and indefinite integrals, solution of differential equations, computation of areas and volumes.

8.                 Series and sequences: sum, mean, convergence, limit.

9.                 Real and complex numbers: surds, solution of equations on complex domain.

10.          Polynomials: solution of quadratic equations, properties of roots of polynomials with real coefficients, binomial expansion, Taylor series.

11.          Permutations and Combinations.

12.          Elementary Probability Theory: Computing probability from combinatorial reasoning, conditional probability.

 Section II : Fundamentals of Programming

Algorithms & Flowchart, and Functions