Welcome to my home page!
I am, Damodar Kulkarni, a member of faculty in the department. I have taught the following courses:

1. Introduction to Programming
2. Software Engineering - I
3. Programming Paradigms
4. Applications of Eoftware Engineering and Programming Paradigms
5. An elective course based on the topics of syntactical and semantical analysis of programs and some other issues in compiler design

I am interested in programming paradigms, program semantics and software engineering.
I am also interested in education and pedagogy.
I use Haskell as a programming vehicle to teach introduction to programming. I find Haskell to be intellectually stimulating and I think it helps one inculcate good programming habits in one's mind.

some links-


Musings on education
July 2016 course stuff


Sample questions asked in past exams
Introduction to programming
1. ip2012
2. ip2011b1 2011samples.tar.bz2
3. ip2011b2
4. ip2010b1
5. ip2010b2 2010scheme-output-samples

System Programming
1. syspro-endsem
2. syspro-labtest-sample-trees