Mr. Nitin Prakashrao Patil

Assistant Professor


Mobile: 9763758296,

Contact:25690794(O), 25697812(O), 25601446(O) 

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*      Member, Board of Studies, B.Sc.(Animation),University of Pune, Pune

*      Member, Board of Studies, Computer Management, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon

*      Secretary, D. K. Bhave Scholarship, University of Pune

*      Placement Coordinator, PUCSD 



Research Project Funding


Research Project funded by : BCUD, University of Pune

Proposal No. : 11SCI000156

Title of Research : Designing Ontology based model for Information retrieval

Faculty : Science

Principal Investigator: Nitin P.Patil

Co-Investigator: Vilas Kharat

Duration of Research : 24 Months

Approved Amount  : Rs.240000.00     


Activities related to teaching:



Department of Computer Science University of Pune

Ist semester (Year 2013-14)

*    Database Management Systems (Complete Course)

*      System Programming (Few Lectures/seminars/tutorials)

Ist semester (Year 2011-12 & 2012-13)

*      System Programming

*      Database Management Systems

*      Theory of Computer Science

IInd Semester: (Year 2012-13)

*      Low Level Programming  

*      Software Engineering  

*      Applications of SE and PP

*      Few lectures in Formal Language Translation Processing  & Advanced Database Management System

Department of Mathematics, UoP

*      Theory of Computation [TCS] July-Dec 2013

*      Software Engineering (July-Dec-13)

*      Data Structures with C (Jan-May 2013)

*      Theory of Computation [TCS] July-Dec 2012

*      Software Engineering (July-Dec-12)

*      Software Engineering (July-11 to Dec-11)

Department of Management (PUMBA)

Computing Environment and Technology (August 11 to Dec-11)

Resource Person for Refresher Courses/Orientation courses

*      Orientation Programmes conducted by ASC , University of Pune

*      Refresher courses conducted by Department of Marathi, Department of Mathematics, University of Pune

Invited Lectures and talks

*      Invited lecture at Department of Library Science, University of Pune

Degree Project Guided

8 M.Sc.(2011-12)

8 M.Sc., 1 M.Tech.(2011-12)

Research Publications:

*  Y. Patil, N. Kale, Y. Gurav, S. Kadam, Nitin Patil, "Android OS Security: Heuristic based approach to detect Malicious Apps", International Journal of Research and Development, Volume II ,Issue I

*    Nitin Patil, Pallavi Mandhare, Vilas Kharat, Sanjay Kadam,Semantic Web based Model for E Learning: A Case Study, National Conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Higher Education (NCOCHE-2011), 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2011

*    Pallavi Mandhare, Nitin Patil, Ontologies to integrate learning design and learning Content for e-Learning in Educational System, National Conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Higher Education (NCOCHE- 2011), 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2011

*    Nitin Patil, Sanjay Kadam, Teaching Databases Using Open Source Software: A Case study with Postgresql, Proceeding of National Conference on Advances in Computing (NCAC-2011) 24th-25th February 2011,Organized by DOCS, NMU Jalgaon

*    Manish Joshi, Nitin Patil, Chapter on Rough Set Year in India 2009, Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets, Data Mining and Granular Computing, Series on Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol.5908 Subseries on Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence; Vol. 5908 Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin, Heidelberg.

*    Mrs. Harshali Patil, Nitin Patil, Dr. Seema Purohit, A deep-seated Approach for improving customers loyalty using Data Mining Techniques in Tele-Domain at 3'rd International Conference on Transcending Horizons Though Innovative Global Practices February 7-8, 2009

*    Mrs. Harshali Patil, Mr. Nitin Patil, Dr. Seema Purohit, An Introspective Approach for Safeguarding the Quality and Sustainability in Higher Education, National Conference on Impact of Assessment and Accreditation of Educational Institutions of Higher Education in India, June 17-18,2008

*    N.P.Patil, P.A.Pawar, Marketing Strategies of Small Software Companies in India at National Conference Going Global Prospects of Indian Corporation, Jan 10-11 ,2008 at  DOMS North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

*    P.A.Pawar, N.P.Patil, Software Marketing by small IT companies in India: Management Perspective for industry-academia Interaction Poster presentation at INNOVATION 2007

*    N.P.Patil, Dr.B.V.Pawar, Bilingual Search Engine, National Level Workshop on Advances in Web Based Computing AWBC-2002 held at N.M.U. Jalgaon organized by Department of Computer Science, N.M.U. Jalgaon, 9-10, Feb. 2002.