CS-105: Database Management System


Lecture material

tar file for DBMS pdf

Lab_Work: SQL Data File 12/09/2013

SQL Data File

SQL Basics and Normalization

Basics of SQL using Postgres



Important Dates and Deadlines

The important date's realted to the assignment/s and/or other deliverables will be communicated from time to time and most importantly the delivery should be handed in no later than 11:59 pm on the due date.

DBMS Test at 4:00 PM on 23/09/2013


There will be two class tests with supporting quizzes, presentations, seminars, group discussions, etc. Further details will be posted in due course of time.  

VERY IMPORTANT! In certain classes students are encouraged to work in groups. For this course; you are expected to work on all homework and projects individually. Students may not discuss, use, email, show, give, buy, sell, borrow, trade, steal, download from the Internet, etc. in whole or part, any of the homework or projects in any manner not prescribed by the instructor. Penalty for cheating will be extremely severe and may result in an F for this course. Handing in an assignment for another student is considered cheating. Penalty for cheating will be extremely severe and may result in an F for this course.
















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